This year marked the 30 year anniversary of our family business. Initially starting in the art & craft markets around South East Melbourne & the Peninsula, a Balinese full-time mum with 3 kids saw a lack of quality back in her homeland of Bali.

Originally founded as “THE BIKINI SHOP”, she quickly opened 2 retail outlets in the Heart of Legian, the concept was to simply supply quality swimwear to tourists using imported fabrics from Australia, being the first to import Lycra fabrics into Indonesia – although at the time, was not an easy task at all.

This led us to become the only custom bikini & swimwear manufacturer in Bali, wholesaling to many countries around the world.

Today, the swimwear manufacturing landscape has changed, with Bali overtaking Brazil as the place to make bikinis with many locals factories supplying to small & big brands worldwide, however, not all great quality.

Where many bikini factories have started up (and end just as quickly), we can proudly say we were the pioneers of bikini manufacturing in Bali & still supply only the best quality to the world.

We specialise in stretch garment manufacturing for swim, resort & yoga wear, assisting in designing collections for several reputable labels & brands for worldwide & local distribution.

Many which you may likely already know through Instagram.

We emphasise on quality & comfort for longer lasting & better fitting garments. If we feel the design is not pratical nor comfortable, we have no problems in telling you.

From raw material selection to quality control, we take pride & care for customer satisfaction, importing the best Lycra fabrics from Italy & digitally printing using the best imported machines Bali can offer.

For the best in stretch garments – BALI KAYA is the ANSWER.